For starters, you get precisely what you want and deserve: quality work, done quickly, for a great price. >>>


The backbone of any automotive service center is the skill and thoughtfulness of its technicians. Quality Tune-Up car care centers have highly trained. >>>


From the time the customer arrives, to the time the customer leaves, focus is placed on quick, professional service. >>>

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24 Hour Emergency Towing
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5pm
Saturday: 10:30am - 5pm
Night Drop Available

About Us

Fast Lube Plus, attributes its success to beating back old stereotypes of the automotive industry.

At FastLube Plus, customer satisfaction is simply not good enough, rather guest enthusiasm must be the goal. We believe a customer who leaves satisfied will come back, but a guest who leaves enthused may tell everyone they know. Therefore, Tires Plus not only demands guests be treated courteously, but also guarantees the lowest price on every tire they sell.

More About Us

What is the difference between maintenance and repair?

Repairs are services that are required or necessary when something on your vehicle is not working properly or may have worn to the point where a replacement is required to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

Maintenance is the routinely scheduled services, inspections and part replacements that your vehicle manufacturer recommends based on the age or mileage of your vehicle.

The schedule for performing these maintenance services varies from vehicle to vehicle. You will find the schedule for your vehicle in your owner's manual. Following this schedule is the best way to make sure your vehicle is performing as it should.

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1302 South State St Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
Telephone: (801)899-9645;
Fax: (801)410-4666;